Unfathomable Humanity
A Guide
By Lisdebertus as told to Luis Delgado
"Unfathomable Humanity" 2006 by Lisdebertus as told to Luis Delgado
was censored at the 2017 Lianzhou International Photo Festival.
I guess we pushed a few buttons...

As we enter the twenty-first century, it becomes evident that “inhumanity” is still a major force, even as we
deem it “unfathomable”. As these photographic panels posit, we commit daily acts of “inhumanity” in the
name of an ideal and from deep within our human institutions. Each piece is a montage of old drawings,
photographs, and video stills representing well-known violent occurrences, past and present.

22 Pages, 8" × 10", Hard bound
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San Francisco, California
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